Skills builders

Developing your staff, whether they are new to your business or existing colleagues, is key to the long term health of every business. At SustainHR we help companies develop innovative and market leading apprenticeship schemes amd development programmes.

  • Early in career apprenticeship programmes

  • Graduate programmes

  • Flexible Apprenticeship programmes for older workers and returners

  • Apprenticeship programmes for new managers and leaders or senior executives

  • Degree Apprenticeships

  • Masters Apprenticeships

Our expertise in the apprenticeship levy and running large scale apprenticeship programmes will help you look at how you can maximise your levy investment to build a strong healthy business.

Opportunity Makers

Talent comes in many shapes and sizes and can often be found where you least expect it. SustainHR can help you find and develop a diverse workforce for your business. We have experience in developing recruitment programmes that tap into talent where others aren’t looking and which have a positive impact on peoples lives and local communities.

Working with a range of organisations we can help you develop programmes that will help you recruit from untapped talent pools to meet your diversity needs.

  • Young unemployed talent 

  • School leavers from disadvantaged backgrounds

  • Female returners and carers

  • Black and Ethnic minority groups

  • People with disabilities

Gardeners of the body and mind

A healthy business not only has the right mix of people with the right skills it needs for the future it also nutures their long term health and wellbeing. We help you think about the fitness of your workforce for the future in a range of ways;

  • Creating mentoring networks and support programmes for apprentices 

  • Mental health and resilience training

  • Wellbeing clinics  

The biggest single reason for young people not staying with companies or completing apprenticeships is poor mental health. We can help you create an environment where all your apprentices feel supported and have their well being needs met through out their journey.

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