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Kathy Heath

After 16 highly successful years working for several global businesses, Kathy recognised that one of the keys to her success was investing in herself and her team to take care of mental health & wellbeing. Kathy is passionate about applying the experience she has gained, along with several years of research into mental health and wellbeing, to support businesses of all sizes to develop wellbeing practices that prevent stress, anxiety and long-term absence.

Kathy has built a certified panel of experts across the wellness field to create a holistic wellbeing proposition that truly makes a difference. The holistic approach drives a profound understanding of each individual, identifies potential trigger points and barriers creating a tailored approach offering the appropriate tools & skills to manage stress & pressure whilst measuring the wellbeing of an individual or group. This not only aims to prevent mental health problems but also aims to transform mindset and attitude to achieve peak performance.


Liz Walkley

Liz has 22 years’ diverse experience providing solutions to skills, workforce development and talent related issues across the public, corporate and start-up spheres. Liz has worked in roles in the fields of business advice, skills policy consultancy, higher education, graduate recruitment and organisational development. Her experience has most recently been channelled to provide guidance and practical solutions to large public and private sector organisations on getting the best of their apprenticeship levy; as well as deliver initiatives to improve the diversity and inclusion of talent programmes, and identify tools to better support graduate mental health and wellbeing.

She can offer expertise in:

design and implementation of employability strategy and initiatives (internships, placements), design and facilitation of skills development workshops, embedding apprenticeships in workforce development or the commercialisation of programmes, graduate recruitment and selection, qualitative research (focus groups, depth interviews) and competitor analysis

Liz is passionate about equipping individuals with the skills they need to succeed in their career, as well as enhancing levels of self-care and positive wellbeing.

Liz is a fitness fanatic and loves Latin dancing.

Jamal Osman

Jamala Osman

"Jamala Osman is a 24-year-old social entrepreneur and former Bank Manager at Barclays plc. She was one of the youngest ever bank managers in the country and was tasked with running her first branch at the age of 21.”

Having had a difficult start to life, her dramatic turnaround  inspired her to create pathways and programmes for other struggling individuals struggling to help break down barriers. Winner of Great Britain and Irelands Young Citizen Award for 2018 and Chair of the National Young Apprentice ambassador network; Jamala is on a mission to help bridge the gap between young talent and organisations."

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